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"Even though I’ve found my wedding photographer by chance, wise men often say: “accidents are never accidental” and I absolutely agree with that. Ksenia gave us wonderful photographs that will always keep memories of this happy sunny day) As for me, I got two dreams come true in one day: to get married on Friday 13, 2013 and get wonderful photos of this day! That’s what we finally received, and Ksenia happened to be that person who made my second wish come true. Thank you so much for this!"
Pavel & Anna
"We were absolutely happy to find Ksenia – a great person and professional. Everything turned out to be positive and great. Ksenia seems to guess people’s moods and know something about every just married couple, which is quite evident in her works. I believe, this ability to “feel” people is essential for a good photographer. Ksenia, thank you SO MUCH for your positive thinking, understanding, for unbelievable emotions and tears of joy after looking through our wonderful photos."
Denise & Olga
"One of our long-running dreams was a photo set in our beloved Barcelona, and Ksenia helped us doing her best!!!) Our pics turned out to be so light, tender and sometimes even funny. But even more important thing is that our photographer herself appeared to be a nice person that easily shares her positive emotions, kindness and sunny mood! I believe, it is essential how a photographer behaves during photo sets, how he or she treats other people, clients. The shooting process was so relaxed, nice and open-hearted."
Artem & Anna

Nice to meet you! I am Ksenia


My name is Ksenia, I am Europe based photographer and I will be happy to save the memories of your special day if my photos resonate with you. I offer an individual approach to every couple and every family, striving to capture fresh, beautiful, and genuine images for some of the most real and in-love people around. Natural light, true emotions and cinematic look post-processing are my best assistants.

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